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Oilfield Procurement & Installation

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Oilfield Procurement & Installation

This service, offered via our alliances and partnerships, maximizes production and minimizes lifting costs from an asset. Real value is created by integrating and monitoring the vast volume of real-tune and static measurements with a digitized model of the entire reservoir and production system.

A Fully Equipped Service

We provide an extensive offering of onshore production solutions based on proven products and proprietary technologies.

From Reciprocating Pumps to Separators to Produced Water Treatment equipment, we have the selection to construct the entire wellsite.

Our breadth of offerings include:

Separators, Pig Launchers and Receivers

Reciprocating Pumps

Multi-Stage Surface Pumps


Stud bolts & Nuts

Induction Bends

Riser Clamp

Barred Tees

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