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Offshore Engineering

As the demand for newer oil and gas fields extend into deeper water depths, there is an increasing demand to not only optimize but develop a broad spectrum of innovative technologies that can best streamline the process of designing and delivery of offshore installations and substructures.

BRADE’s Offshore Engineering Services’ division was established to integrate all applicable Engineering Solutions and uphold our ability to undertake and accomplish wide-ranging responsibilities associated with successfully deploying offshore skill sets, tools and technologies.

Being a multi-disciplined engineering services’ provider thus makes it possible for BRADE to possess the required ability, qualities and knowledge to put forward limitless possibilities of meticulously prepared made-to-order engineering results throughout the life of your engineering projects.

Our offshore engineering capabilities for designing offshore substations, jackets and substructures for FPSO Modules and Vessels fully extends to disciplines such as Pipeline Engineering and Management, Instrumentation Engineering, Process Engineering, Construction Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Structural and Engineering, Electrical & Electronics Engineering.

Our Offshore engineering services are divided into:

  • Pipeline Engineering & Management
  • Instrumentation & Control
  • Process Engineering
  • Structural Engineering
  • Engineering Design & Studio
  • Mechanical Engineering

Pipeline Engineering and Management

Piping and Pipeline Design, Installation, Inspection and Maintenance require specialized proficiency and a minimum level skill set that only few companies can truly boast of having.

For new installations, we offer clients a comprehensive toolbox which we deploy to carry out in-depth Piping Plan and Elevation Sketches, Flow and Hydraulic analysis, and Pipeline Integrity Studies and Services to define most appropriate route selection & right-of-way/environmental permitting, determine proper pipeline size, pump and compressor size and potential pipeline drip points.

We do understand that clients also need to maintain existing pipelines. Thus, we have established tailored efficient, cost-effective and operations sensitive techniques in line with pipeline inspection programs which are customized to cover steady-state single-phase gas modeling and liquid pipeline systems and multi-phase pipeline systems.

In addition, BRADE provides an end to end bundle of non-destructive Pipeline Integrity solutions that includes detection of cracks and corrosion, Metering Calibration and Re-Certification Services and Intelligent Pigging. Furthermore, at the end of production of installed substructure, we also offer removal/ dismantling (services) of pipelines.

Our value proposition to you are:

  • Consistent and dependable Pipeline integrity analysis
  • Provide confidence that applicable regulatory and regulatory governance requests are met;
  • Help set up cost-effective and SMART maintenance programs;
  • Increase safety and reliability of pipeline networks;
  • Actively seek opportunities to reduce cost on behalf of our clients

Instrumentation and Control

Instrumentation and Control applications in oil and gas industry are broad and cut across a variety of functions.

Clients’ need to develop dependable cost-effective systems to accurately monitor, control, measure and regulate whatever can be measured to remains the same. As such, BRADE provides a wide range of dedicated Instrumentation & Control Solutions to the oil and gas industry right from idea conception, initial designs, assembly, construction through to installation, testing, commissioning and in-line repair/maintenance. Each of this solution is configured, matched-to-fit and better help clients manage and optimize their monitoring and operational worth.

A typical offshore installation will have a great amount of pipeline network and substructures that need monitoring constantly and regularly during different phases of exploration, drilling or production. While it may be possible to man a great number of areas of crucial points, it is simply difficult and not economical to do so. Our in-house instrumentation and control professionals understand this and thus, strive to develop a technology-compelled portfolio of measurement solutions, that accurately meet the requirements of almost any process application.

Process Engineering

At BRADE, we have the knowledge and understanding of how things work offshore. We provide integrated turnkey solutions for new projects or existing flow processes and process layouts. Our staff are engaged as consultants to provide full scope support and management services, in a number of short and long-term engineering projects, to apply and deliver the best-engineered process and system solutions obtainable.

Our consulting effort offers a balance between service optimization and resilience building while also providing a link among normalcy, innovative thinking and flawless execution. We, as a rule, start with a thorough review and understanding of our customers’ business challenges and needs and help them evaluate and implement bespoke end-to-end cognitive process solutions, that are most suited for their businesses.

Structural Engineering

Structural engineering remains an important aspect of our engineering design process, as it pertains to construction of offshore substructures. Our expertise and experience grown over time, enable us to contribute innovative, sustainable and energy-efficient solutions that allows us to meet our clients’ financial and performance requirements. No matter the project, we have the ability to match the complexity and intricacy of such projects.

In addition, our alliances with world leading fully equipped fabrication yards, empower us to provide stand-alone services or act as facilitators for the delivery of small, medium or major sized highly engineered modularized structures.

Engineering Design

BRADE’s integrated systems’ thinking approach to design enables us to rightly evaluate project feasibility, correctly evaluate cost and propose upgrades early on in the design process, which helps to achieve significant cost benefits and exceed our clients’ expectations.

Our engineers utilize the latest hardware and software to highlight and investigate vital component parts as a whole and their relationship, for existing designs or create complete new submittal manuscripts or architectural plans and model drawings, that comply with global industry regulations.

Mechanical Engineering

Prospect seeking and production in offshore terrain is increasingly becoming unpredictable, less conservative and challenging. It does call for companies like BRADE to continually innovate and push boundaries.

We leverage on the wealth of experience garnered from past projects and also partner with industry leaders, to create a matchless pool of technical know-how and capabilities to ensure that your projects are completed on time and within budget. Common mechanical engineering solutions that we offer include but not limited to the following:

  • Dynamic Analysis
  • Fatigue Analysis
  • Finite element analysis (FEA)
  • Stress/strain analysis
  • Computational flow dynamics (CFD)
  • Thermal dynamics
  • Failure modes and risks analysis
  • Rapid prototyping

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