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Gas Detection Systems

BRADE provides the best-in quality Gas Detection System that conforms to the highest industry standards for safe industrial operations.

Our strategic alliance with SENSITRON S.r.l., (an international reference point for gas detectors) avails our Clients with a wide range of reliable and technologically powered gas detection systemsthat are highly-rankedin the European and Sub-Saharan markets.

We supply and install Gas Detector systems that cover a wide range of toxic gases, flammable gases, refrigerants, laboratory gases, O2, CO2, CO, H2S, and NO2 etc.

The detectors are equipped with catalytic, electrochemical, MOS in order to give the customer the right product for the specific application.

An important amount of resources are employed to assure the highest level of product quality. Sensitron detectors fully comply with the ATEX regulations.




Premium Line

A truly unique gas detector range that combines advanced technology with exceptional service and sets the standard for global safety solutions.

– SMART S detectors and GALILEO & Multiscan++ control panels.

Industrial Line

A well-known and established line of flammable and toxic gas detectors for industrial application. According to the gas to be detected, SMART3G may employ Pellistor, Infrared and electrochemical cells. The whole range is ATEX certified for EHSR and Performance and SIL2HW approved.

The system includes PL4+ and MULTISCAN++S1 e S2, tutte certificate ATEX secondo la EN 60079-29-1, disponibile per 8, 32, 64 128 e 256 canali.

  • SMART 3G Group1
  • SMART 3G – D2
  • SMART 3G – D3
  • SMART 3G – C3
  • Accessories

Commercial Line

SENSITRON PARK SYSTEM proposes an integrated solution fully compliant with the EN 50545-1 Standard; the system includes SMART P gas detectors (specific for NO2, CO and Petrol vapours), SIL1 certified, and MULTISCAN++PARK, available for 8, 32, 64, 128 and 256 inputs, to fit the needs of car parks of different sizes.

  • SMART 3 NC Gas Detector
  • SMART P Gas Detector
  • SPS Park Control Panels

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